Technical Data Specifications and Components of Semi-Gantry Cranes

Choosing a semi gantry crane for your company takes time. You have to find the one with the right components and technical specifications to meet your needs. Before you start shopping for one, here is some information to help you learn what to look for in a good quality semi-gantry crane.

Technical Data Specifications and Components of Semi-Gantry Cranes
Technical Data Specifications and Components of Semi-Gantry Cranes

Technical Information Of Gantry Crane (Ficha Técnica De Grua Tipo Pórtico)

When you shop for the semi-gantry crane right for your needs you will need to be sure that every aspect of it is right. You will look for certain technical data for each gantry crane you consider for purchase. Some of the data will include things like the lifting capacity and span length.

The lifting capacity is the most important thing to consider. The crane must be able to lift your heaviest products or containers. Another important thing to know is the span length of the crane. If it is too wide, it will not fit in your facility. Check the lifting height and speed as well. You want the machine to function efficiently for any load or package that it lifts.

Semi-Gantry Crane Components

All semi-gantry cranes (semi-grúa de pórtico) will have the same basic components. These include the electric hoists, the cards, and the electrical components to make the crane work. The cranes also have steel components that make up the girders, beams, outriggers, and ladders. The crane power supply comes from an AC power supply and it powers the trolley to move across the beams. All cranes come with safety devices that turn the machine off in the event of an overload.

The best cranes are made to high manufacturing standards. So, no matter what technical specifications you need from a semi-gantry crane, buy one with those specifications which has been made to meet the Crane Design Code, the Test Code and Regulations and Safety Cod. Look for one that has the standards required by the Code for Construction and Acceptance of Lifting Equipment, Quality Classification of Steel Wire Rope Hoists and Safety Regulations for Wire Rope Electric Hoists.

There are several other standards that relate to electric hoist gantry cranes and their quality. Find a semi-gantry crane that meets as many standards as possible.

Technical Data Specifications and Components of Semi-Gantry Cranes
Technical Data Specifications and Components of Semi-Gantry Cranes

Before you start shopping for a crane, decide what technical specifications and data it must have. Then, start browsing for a machine online. The top manufacturers offer plenty of details and photos of the machines they have for sale.
Of course, if you have any questions related to the type of crane with the specifications you need, just ask. There are also manufacturers who are happy to build you a custom machine.

Semi-gantry cranes work for a variety of industries. They are useful in the marine industry, the aerospace industry, automobile industry and more. Specific parts can be added to your gantry-crane to allow it to accommodate the industry in which it will be used. For example, the crane can be facilitated with an electric hoist that works as an auxiliary lifting system. Find the one with the right technical data and components for your company.

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